The goal of this project was to create a fresh book cover for the classic story, "James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl. While the most obvious choice was to make the peach take up the most space on the cover, I experimented with making the type the focal point. The intended audience for this book is a contemporary, young group of people. The result was a bright, whimsical cover that matches the playful energy of the story.

These were my four favorite initial concepts.

First digital rendition - figuring out colors and composition.

After polishing off my first draft, I took it to my peers to get their thoughts on how to improve the design. Some of their critiques were to make the spine more interesting, increase the legibility of the text on the back cover, and to draw more attention to the well-known author.

Taking critique into account, I finalized my design until I was happy with how it looked!

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